First things first . . . Don’t try to do this alone.

Insurance companies know the law, and know about strict deadlines for filing lawsuits.  We have seen people lose their right for damages because they thought the negotiations back and forth with the insurance company would settle.  Once the insurance company drags the settlement out long enough, you can permanently lose the right to file a lawsuit for your injuries.

That’s why Mr. Car Accident pays attention to the details, and sets deadlines in our tracking system to make sure no deadlines are missed.

If you hire a lawyer, you’ve gained a great asset. Once you have a lawyer representing you, don’t communicate with the defense or other parties without your lawyer. Your lawyer should go to every deposition, settlement negotiation, and meeting with the defense. Your lawyer should also appear with you in court during a trial or any other court date.

Once you hire your lawyer, don’t leave them out of the loop. Make sure that they stay up to date about the case. Any new information should get shared with them. Any notices or documents that you receive about your case should go to your attorney. This can make sure that your rights are protected. It also makes sure that the proper steps get taken in your case. You should always consult with your attorney before making any decisions for your case.

How To Act Throughout Your Case

Another thing that you want to avoid is letting your emotions get the best of you. A car accident that you got injured in can be a very difficult situation. You probably feel stressed, frustrated, and hurt because of the accident. But, it is best not to let these emotions get the best of you. You should focus on remaining calm and collected throughout the process. This can be difficult to do when the defense tries to undermine your case and position. But, it will not help to get angry or act disrespectful. You should focus on staying calm. Act respectful towards the defense and everyone else involved in the case. This will keep communication clear between the parties. It will also speed up your case.

You can show respect for the other party by acting polite, going to meetings on time, and staying focused on the case. When you go to meetings for your case, make sure that you get there on time. Also make sure that you stay engaged throughout the meeting. This should be the case no matter who you meet with. You should do this when meeting with the defense. Also do it if you have court dates to attend. Taking the case seriously and staying focused will make a good impression on the other parties in the case.

If you have specific questions on how to act throughout your case, contact our office for more information.