An important element in settlement of your personal injury case is your treatment. The type of treatment that you get can play a role in the settlement offer that you receive. For this reason, it is helpful to know about the right medical treatment for your situation. For more information, read on.

One important aspect of your personal injury case is what is referred to as medical special damages. This refers to the money that you spend on treatment for injuries related to the accident. These damages are the bills that you pay while your injuries get diagnosed and treated by a doctor. The medical special damages are a big part of the formula that is used to determine your compensation. This formula will take into consideration the type of treatment that you get. It will also take into consideration the kind of medical professionals that you consult for your injuries.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Insurance adjusters do not view all medical treatments equally. The type of medical treatment that you get can change how insurance companies view your treatment. They will also consider the facility that you are treated and who treats you.

The first thing that you need to know is that treatment and diagnosis can be different. In most cases, the diagnosis of an injury is a quick process. When this happens, insurance adjusters will lump together the bill for the diagnosis with the bill for your treatment. But, in some cases, the diagnosis process is much longer. If a doctor can’t figure out what’s wrong with you, they might run a lot of different tests. This can get expensive. If the diagnosis is more expensive than the treatment, it can affect the insurance adjuster’s formula. They might use a lower multiplier. They will try to argue that your pain and suffering is low because your treatment was not intensive.

Licensed Doctors

Many insurance companies are in favor of mainstream medical professionals. They will view your visit to an M.D. or a hospital as legitimate. But, they might not view a visit to a non-mainstream medical professional as legitimate. This includes visits to chiropractors, physical therapists, those who perform acupuncture, and more. Visits to hospitals and M.D.s will give you a higher multiplier in the insurance company’s damages formula. But, treatment in non-mainstream settings won’t get as much respect. They can reduce your damages formula and make it more difficult to get compensation.

Time Of Treatment

Long treatment time generally implies that your injury was serious. But, if you are getting treatment from a physical therapist or another non-mainstream medical professional, it could be problematic. The insurance company might try to argue that they don’t have to pay for this ongoing treatment. They will argue that these medical professionals are giving treatment for a longer period of time than necessary. They say they are doing this to make money.

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