The time has come to file your lawsuit for your personal injury claim. Most likely, this is your first personal injury claim. You might not be sure how to file a lawsuit. It is natural to be confused or overwhelmed by the process. It is our job to help reduce your stress and help you through this process. We can do this in person, if you have specific questions about your case. You can contact us to learn more about the process of filing for a lawsuit. But, you can start with this section for some basic information.

The Court Process

In our court process section, you can learn about what it means to take your case to trial. There is information about going to court in Connecticut, how to make the right impression in court, and what a trial will be like. This information can help you if your case is going to trial.


The discovery period in the lawsuit process is one of the longest and most important parts of the process. The discovery period is the time when both parties and their lawyers gather evidence. They do this in order to build their cases and make them stronger. Sometimes this is a lengthy process. Be prepared for discovery and the lawsuit itself to take a while.

Two major elements in the discovery process are depositions and interrogatories. Depositions are when a party in the lawsuit is deposed by the other party. The deposed person has to answer questions about the accident under oath. You might be deposed, or your lawyer might want to depose the other party in your case. The other element in the discovery period is interrogatories. This is a written list of questions that one party sends to another. This is a common way of communicating with the other party during the lawsuit process.


Learn about the trial itself in this section. You can also learn how to conduct yourself in court and how a lawyer can help you with your case.